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Werewolf Marine
Beginnings – a mini story for Valentine’s Day
A Sneak Peek at Runner’s Hub and the Cover for Shane

Werewolf Marine

Laura's Wolf (Werewolf Marines, # 1)I just downloaded a free book for my Kindle. Laura’s Wolf – Werewolf Marines. #1

I love it. The idea. I haven’t even read the description yet, but the concept of a marine who is also a werewolf is lip smacking good.

If Lia Silver writes well, this may be a winner. It’s the first in a series. Be still my heart.

Find it at Amazon, free (don’t know how long).

Beginnings – a mini story for Valentine’s Day

by Cailin Briste

Her usual small table in the corner had been taken, so she’d had to sit in a booth near the register. The early evening buzz was a little louder and busier than usual, but then it was Valentine’s Day. Not that Sammy’s was a hot spot for young couples on a hot date. No, romance was in the air, but it was more of the we’ve-been-married-twenty-years variety. Middle-aged couples were taking time out of their busy work and family schedules. Older couples were treating themselves to a night away from the routine of supper, easy chairs, and television. All partaking in the annual tribute to love.

Love. Kevin wondered how you got from where he was single and alone, to the happily ever after of decades he saw tonight. Passion wasn’t on display. Maybe it was there, but it wasn’t apparent. He wanted passion, but ultimately he wanted love. He wanted something that was deep and abiding, that would survive the travails of life and make the heights that much higher.

Tonight was the night. He’d decided if she came in tonight, alone as usual, he was going to do something. The valentine sugar cookie he’d reserved was already waiting on a plate as he removed his apron and went to punch the time clock. He smoothed his hair back working to calm his nerves.

“Big date tonight, Kev?” Charlene, the assistant manager, asked.

“No, not really.” he responded hand nervously twitching at his side. He picked up the plate with the cookie.

“Oh, I see…you look quite handsome. Best of luck.” She smiled and gave him a wink.

Damn. Was it that obvious he wondered? No matter. He straightened his shoulders and walked out into the restaurant’s dining area. She was seated so that the light over the booth struck the top of her head making golden highlights glisten in her hair. He’d never noticed that before. The sweetness of her smile and the shy way she had of flicking her eyes down when ever he’d had the chance to speak with her had captivated him. Her hair had always been nice, but now it was beautiful.

“Moment of truth,” he muttered under his breath. He relaxed his shoulders and smiled as he crossed the remaining space that separated them.

“Hi. I’m Kevin. I just got off work here and was hoping you’d be my date tonight.” She looked up at him and blinked. “My dessert date.” He held the plate with the cookie out to her.

Her eyes flicked down as a blush bloomed across her cheeks. Looking up again, she took the plate, smiled, and said, “Sure.”

Kevin slid into the booth across from her his smile broadening. “I’ve been wanting to spend time with you for a while now.” His heart beat a little faster when she smiled back.

A Sneak Peek at Runner’s Hub and the Cover for Shane


Are these Shane Tiernan’s Eyes?

The cover for Shane should soon be available. It’s going to be yummy! As soon as I have the image in hand, I’ll be posting it everywhere I can.

Update: Now that I’ve chosen to publish through Loose Id, I know for certain these are not Shane’s eyes. The cover should be available in the next few days (May 20ish, 2016). The excerpt below is from the Loose Id edited version.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick peek at level ten on Runner’s Hub. The Hub is a dangerous place, so keep your weapons close and don’t let the sensual surroundings distract you…maybe a little.

Excerpt from Shane: Marshal of Tallav by Cailin Briste

The quiet of the corridor became the churning noise and thumping beat of what passed for dance music on level ten. A mash of people writhed, grinding to the music while professional dancers did the same on a higher platform running along the inner curve of the room. Colored beams of light whipped across the dance floor, agitating an already frenetic mass of undulating limbs and torsos. The only steady but dim light came in splashes around the outer arc of the room where sleek bars serving expensive drinks alternated with seating areas with tall tables and stools. The dancing thrashed its way past where the club swerved out of sight. A short distance to the left, another set of ornate doors exited the area. Shane led her there.

If the dance club had been an overpowering chaos of sound, lights, and bodies, this next area was different but just as intense. Quiet music with a sensual throb floated in the air. Soft, plush rugs led to sumptuous sofas, chairs, and lounges. Pillows dotted the floor in easy reach. Once the doors closed behind them, the ambience in this space crept over Adrianna.

This room is called the Salon. See anything you like?” Shane subvocalized.

Adrianna didn’t respond while she scanned the groups of guests in various stages of undress, many engaging in sexual pleasures while others watched. The scene was decadent. Arousal vibrated at her core. There was no straight path. This room, too, stretched its way along the curve of the Hub. Shane took his time meandering, stopping to watch while three men came to completion, spurting cum across the chest and stomach of a small blonde woman. The lust and erotic sensations filling the room washed over Adrianna, and her hips swayed. The sounds of moans, groans, and cries of ecstasy slunk along her spine. If Shane didn’t do something soon, she’d be on her knees, begging him to make her come. She managed to follow until he came to a new set of double doors.

 Mm mm mm, what’s behind those double doors?

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