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Fashion Maven of the Future Update Feb. 17, 2017
Beautiful Rope Bondage & Other Kinky Things
Music, Like a Declaration of Love, Demands a Response #MFRWauthor

Fashion Maven of the Future Update Feb. 17, 2017


The Michael Kors Collection Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Show was A-may-zing! I’ve added my favorites to the following boards:

Dresses, Skirts, Skirt Suits
A female musketeer anyone?!?

Wild for this coat!

Pants & Shorts Outfits
Two pins. One with a faux fur coat and the other just looks so comfortable and elegantly understated.

You can read all about the show at Vogue or visit The Impression for more stunning photos.

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Fashion Maven of the Future

Beautiful Rope Bondage & Other Kinky Things

I found some beautiful rope bondage images and added them to Pinterest. Garth Knight’s enchanted Forest pictures are amazing. I’ve shared two on the Shane: Marshal of Tallav board. He is our resident rope bondage master after all. You’ll also find some Fine Art Bondage from the Beauty of Rope Calendars. And when I found what has to be a photo shopped image of Tom Hiddleston’s head where he’s wearing the Loki helmet from the Thor movies added to the body of a man with sexy rope ties on his arms, legs, and torso, I had to pin it as well. You have to see it!

In Dresses – Selina House of Shirley, a bright yellow macrame dress made me think of the bright yellow kinshthan rope Shane used to tie Adrianna up with in one really hot scene in Shane: Marshal of Tallav.

On the kinkier side, you’ll want to check out a pair of shoes that a sadist would love to see on the feet of his favorite masochist. More kinky shoes can be found on the Shoes – Selina House of Shirley board. A pair for rope bondage lovers and another for pony girls.

I regularly add to all my Pinterest boards. To see my latest pins in your Pinterest feed, please follow me.

Music, Like a Declaration of Love, Demands a Response #MFRWauthor

Many authors listen to music when they write. Some even give you the playlist for the songs that go with a particular book. I am not those writers. I need quiet for the thoughts to flow from my brain to my fingers. Even quiet music sends its soft tendrils into my mind  and draws me inexorably into its melody until I become submerged in listening. Then my toes get involved, followed by interpretive hand movements and eventually full body swaying or dancing depending on the tune. Like a declaration of love, music demands a response. It can’t be background noise for me. It always forces itself front and center.

My taste in music is all over the place. I love Bach, Handel and all things Baroque.  Seventies music with all the falsetto and disco beat turns me into a nostalgic puddle. Everyone’s heard of Led Zepplin, but my heart belongs to Bread. And Mozart, because his music is sublime.

If you’ve never heard the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald sing, you need to get hold of any of her albums. I especially love listening to her sing the Gershwin song book. If you like that, dip into some Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin. YouTube has awesome clips of stars of that era singing on television shows. Oh, and don’t forget Judy Garland. She did more than just sing “Over the Rainbow.” And for singing, nothing can beat Freddy Mercury and Queen.

Here’s my playlist for this post:

  1. Bach
  2. Handel
  3. BeeGees
  4. Donna summer
  5. Led Zepplin
  6. Bread
  7. Mozart
  8. Ella Fitgerald
  9. Sammy Davis, Jr.
  10. Ella & Sammy
  11. Judy Garland
  12. Queen

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