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Beautiful Rope Bondage & Other Kinky Things

Out and About – Cailin Briste

The Interwebs are crawling (pun intended) with places to engage with others be they friends, family, or complete strangers who become online friends. Writers have their hangouts where they can talk shop with other authors and places they can engage with readers. Both are equally important.

Facebook groups are particularly useful. There’s a group for help writing blurbs and another for promotional opportunities. If a writer wants to become involved in an anthology or boxed set, there’s a group for that. I’m a member of several sci-fi romance groups. Recently we had a long discussion about sci-fi romance titles: what we like, what we didn’t like, what we thought worked. And all in a polite way even though opinions were varied.

Email lists are the other online means I use to engage with other authors. I belong to the RWA Pan list, IndieRomanceInk, a Marketing for Romance Writers list, and a private list for authors with my publisher. I’ve gleaned a lot over the last year from authors who share their own trials, tribulations, and successes.

I’m also part of a blogging group, Romance Writers Behaving Badly. We share the duties of posting to our blog and help each other by sharing one another’s promotions, posts, and tweets. This is the group of writers I go to when I have a dumb question.

There are a multitude of places that I use to interact with my readers. I’ve listed the links below, but I’ll highlight a couple that are particularly useful for some back and forth.

I have my own Facebook group dedicated to my street team, the readers I rely on for opinions on covers, to write reviews of my books, and to spread the word about my new releases, sales, and giveaways. It blesses the socks off me when I ask a question in the group and have answers a short while later.

The blog on my website is another place I enjoy conversing with my readers. I post regularly, and not just book promos. The Fashion Maven posts once a week. I’m not sure who I’m mimicking when assume her persona. My dears, she’s so proud of keeping up with the A to Z blogging challenge this month. Twenty-six posts. One for each letter of the alphabet. Her theme is fashion designers. Yesterday featured Calvin Klein and a plethora of male underwear models. Something bold and sexy when that zipper comes down?

The Fashion Maven is fun, even if you’re not into the latest runway styles. But you can also read a variety of posts about writing and reading, Cailin’s life, and things that catch her eye or tickle her fancy. You’re here now, why not take the opportunity to look around a bit.

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When Muscles Fail – #MFRWauthor

You’ve seen the covers. Bulging muscles. Hard bodies. Alpha males strong and sleek and ready to do damage. We all like to think there’s a bit of that mystique in us. Especially writers, and I”m no different.

For years I burned the candle at both ends. I could accomplish more in a day than most people could in a week. People didn’t know how I did it. Neither did I. It was just who I was. And I learned not to expect the same from those who worked with me. They couldn’t handle the pace.

And then I got sick. Now people wait for me to catch up when we’re walking into a restaurant. I sleep ten to twelve hours a day. Everything I do is weighed against how much energy I have available and whether expending what little I have is worth it. I lost my job, so I took up writing. And oh my isn’t that a whirlwind of activity I never expected.

The urge to do do do is still shoving against my better judgment. I bite off more than I can chew and crash and burn, spending an entire day in bed. I tell myself, lesson learned. Again. But it’s hard. My mind still runs in overdrive.

One day I’ll grow wise or medical science will fix me.

Beautiful Rope Bondage & Other Kinky Things

I found some beautiful rope bondage images and added them to Pinterest. Garth Knight’s enchanted Forest pictures are amazing. I’ve shared two on the Shane: Marshal of Tallav board. He is our resident rope bondage master after all. You’ll also find some Fine Art Bondage from the Beauty of Rope Calendars. And when I found what has to be a photo shopped image of Tom Hiddleston’s head where he’s wearing the Loki helmet from the Thor movies added to the body of a man with sexy rope ties on his arms, legs, and torso, I had to pin it as well. You have to see it!

In Dresses – Selina House of Shirley, a bright yellow macrame dress made me think of the bright yellow kinshthan rope Shane used to tie Adrianna up with in one really hot scene in Shane: Marshal of Tallav.

On the kinkier side, you’ll want to check out a pair of shoes that a sadist would love to see on the feet of his favorite masochist. More kinky shoes can be found on the Shoes – Selina House of Shirley board. A pair for rope bondage lovers and another for pony girls.

I regularly add to all my Pinterest boards. To see my latest pins in your Pinterest feed, please follow me.

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