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Adrianna’s First Tallavan St. Patrick’s Day
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Adrianna’s First Tallavan St. Patrick’s Day

Adrianna, thanks for stopping by the blog. Shane: Marshal of Tallav readers want to know what your first St. Patrick’s Day on Tallav was like. Tallavans have taken on Irish customs from the very beginning of the planet’s settlement. What kinds of things do they do to celebrate?

Adrianna: It amazes me that no matter where you go in the Federation, you’ll find people who claim Irish ancestry and lots of folks who don’t that love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Tallav takes the day very seriously, but with some unique twists.

Tallav was founded as a matriarchal planet, and despite the Great Catholic Reawakening that brought many Tallavans back into the Reformed Catholic fold, the majority of Tallavans prefer not to celebrate a Catholic saint. Too patriarchal. But with people the Federation over celebrating this particular Irish holiday, they had to do something.

Their celebrations revolve around the Fae who serve the  Mother Goddess by bringing Spring. Tallav is blessed by a similar calendar to old earth, so the holiday comes at the right time of the year for this. Gifts are left for the Fae the night before. Local priestesses of the Mother Goddess go from house to house blessing each home and anyone who wishes to be personally blessed.

Of course, the wearing of the green is part of the celebration for both those who practice the Mother Goddess rituals and the Reformed Catholics who pursue a more traditional St. Patrick’s Day. Both groups also spend time at the local pub, drinking Guinness (brewed on Tallav), singing, and dancing.

In Cahernamon there’s a big Irish Dance Festival with groups from all over Tallav competing in a step-dancing competition.

What’s your favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day on Tallav?

Adrianna: Shane and I rode horseback to a meadow on Gleann Milis, his family estate. It has a huge patch of Shamrocks. We took a picnic basket and blankets to snuggle in because it was a bit chilly. We drank hard cider, and I got a wee bit tipsy. That’s my excuse for why we both look rumpled when we returned home.

Sounds special. Thanks for sharing Adrianna. I’ll let you get back to that handsome hero of yours, Shane Tiernan.

Shane: Marshal of Tallav 1
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Maon: Marshal of Tallav Blurb Blitz Tour & Giveaway

The second week of the Maon: Marshal of Tallav Blurb Blitz Tour begins Monday. I’m giving away a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to those who comment on the daily posts in the tour. The tour will continue through April 7. Stop by each hosting site, and leave your comment about Maon. I’ll answer any questions you have along the way. The Archaeolibrarian has promised a review. Good luck on winning the gift card.

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The tour was organized by Goddess Fish Productions. They’ve done a smashing job on finding wonderful hosts.

Dem Bones – #MFRWauthor

1st scene connected to the 2nd scene
2nd scene connected to the 3rd scene
3rd scene connected to the 4th scene
Now fill the outline out.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones
Now fill the outline out.

The first book I ever wrote was written with nothing more than a rough idea in my mind about where it was headed. A writer who works in such a way is called a pantser. My story was character driven. The more I wrote, the more Shane and Adrianna revealed about themselves and their path to a happily ever.

I was thrilled when the book was completed. Until I submitted it for a developmental edit and discovered there were bones missing and others were in the wrong spot. I’d swapped the ulna and radius, so the carpals were out of joint. I found a tibia under my desk, which explained why the story wasn’t moving in a straight line but hopping all over the place. It took a lot of work and many revisions to fix the problems.

But, you say, you learned your lesson. The next story you wrote, you surely created an outline before plunging in.

Thank you for your faith in me, but sadly. I didn’t. Oh, I did have an outline of sorts, but it was cursory at best. Dem bones were all in their proper places, but they were more like a string puppet that can’t support its own weight than the solid skeleton that struts and frets his hour upon the stage. (Apologies. For some unknown reason the Bard just popped into my head.)

I was determined that with my next writing project I would abandon my pantser ways and become a full-fledged plotter. My next project was a novella. Shorter, less convoluted helped. I had my skeleton properly constructed before I began to write, and the fleshing out was so much easier. I wrote more words a day. I went from 500 words to 1000 easily. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Do my characters still speak to me while I’m writing. Sure. They’re particularly good at pointing out inconsistencies. “I’d never do that. Never!” Rightie-o. But they rarely require a complete skeletal transplant. Along the way, I’ve broadened and deepened the character sketches I create for my main protagonists. I know my characters better and know the things that will yank their chains and create conflict in their lives. The outline reflects those insights.

Becoming a plotter hasn’t dampened the creative flow of my writing. There’s so much of a story that isn’t found in the outline. I may know that a character likes to tell puns, but the actual puns come as inspiration on the fly. Things pop into my head at the right moment. But you’ve witnessed that even in this essay on my writing process. Macbeth to Jabberwocky. That’s the way my mind skips around. And another reason why becoming a plotter was a necessity for me. I get lost down rabbit trails and never make my way back to where I was supposed to be heading. Dem bones keep me on track.

“Stop that. You’re going to break my arm!”

Yes, dem bones can talk to you, too.

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