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Beautiful Rope Bondage & Other Kinky Things
Sex in Space – Shane got it pretty much right.
Women’s Health Sex & Love Tweets

Beautiful Rope Bondage & Other Kinky Things

I found some beautiful rope bondage images and added them to Pinterest. Garth Knight’s enchanted Forest pictures are amazing. I’ve shared two on the Shane: Marshal of Tallav board. He is our resident rope bondage master after all. You’ll also find some Fine Art Bondage from the Beauty of Rope Calendars. And when I found what has to be a photo shopped image of Tom Hiddleston’s head where he’s wearing the Loki helmet from the Thor movies added to the body of a man with sexy rope ties on his arms, legs, and torso, I had to pin it as well. You have to see it!

In Dresses – Selina House of Shirley, a bright yellow macrame dress made me think of the bright yellow kinshthan rope Shane used to tie Adrianna up with in one really hot scene in Shane: Marshal of Tallav.

On the kinkier side, you’ll want to check out a pair of shoes that a sadist would love to see on the feet of his favorite masochist. More kinky shoes can be found on the Shoes – Selina House of Shirley board. A pair for rope bondage lovers and another for pony girls.

I regularly add to all my Pinterest boards. To see my latest pins in your Pinterest feed, please follow me.

Women’s Health Sex & Love Tweets

One of my new followers at Twitter, @SilkJonesAuthor, retweeted Women’s Health promos. I hadn’t heard of Women’s Health, but they have a whole Sex & Love section with lots of interesting articles. I plan to retweet anything that catches my eye. You can follow me on Twitter here. An example:


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