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Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale Boxed Set

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Sons of Tallav Series
Shane: Marshal of Tallav #1 Maon Marshal of Tallav #2 Rand: Son of Tallav #3 
A Thief in Love Suspense Romance Series
It Takes a Cat Burglar #1  How to Steal the Pharaoh’s
Jewels #2

Seasonal Shenanigans

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14 sensual seasonal tales! Including my own A Grease Monkey Christmas.

A Grease Monkey Christmas – Cailin Briste
Fate arranges the chance meeting of two strangers in need of a little kindness on Christmas Eve. Celebrity Davon Weider, with his navy-blue eyes and muscular physique, can fill the starring role in any woman’s fantasy. But Jasline, a spaceport mech, is more impressed by his five jump speed records.

Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space

Join us aboard Blue Star Line’s crown jewel, the LS Quantum. Thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, award-winning speculative fiction romance authors deliver their twists on tales set in the dance halls and clubs of this luxury starship as it travels through space and time.

Follow princes, sultans, rock stars, scientists, cirque artists, and dancers as they solve murders, track thieves, fight bullies, plan heists and fall in love.

Including my own Educated by the Master, the prequel to Master Trey’s Sons of Tallav book (not yet written.)

 Take the Plunge

In the universe that I live in, men come in two types the keepers and the toss ’em back creepers. While that may seem cut and dried, we all know that a bad boy properly reformed can be a keeper and Mr. Considerate can turn out to be a creeper. I write about the keepers. No matter how he may seem at the beginning, my main man always comes through in the end. It’s my universe and that’s the way I like it.

My heroines are feisty, intelligent, and creative. They may display a little introspection and an occasional tear or two (they are girls after all), but they don’t wilt, whine, or demand someone else clean up there messes. No, I’m not into girl power. I’m not talking about Amazon women, unless of course I’m writing about an Amazon woman. In my universe, women are willing to try new things, learn new skills, and surprise themselves with where their intuitive thinking takes them.

My universe is also way off in space somewhere in the future where a short ride by space craft to the hyperpulse point will send you streaming on your way to the planetary system of your choice. You may not recognize the setting, but you’ll recognize the people. They’re all human with the same propensity to make mistakes and do foolish things like the people living next door to you.

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