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Shadow's Edge
Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantasy novel, second in the series. The first book was terrific, this book just continues in that vein.

The characters are well developed, the settings are vivid, the dialogue is engaging, and the story line is riveting. I’ve read it to enjoy it. Now I need to go back and read it to figure out how Brent Weeks did all that. But first, book number 3.

Things I Liked Best:
The exploration of love vs. sex.
Overcoming evil is not limited to defeating the villains but also includes overcoming the evil within a person and the evil one has done.
The hole as a crucible for Logan.

This book has lots of brutality in it: cannibalism, heads and other body parts cut off, rape. The main character is an assassin, but you’ll actually love him. From other reviews I’ve read, you’ll either love the female characters or hate them. I take them as they come, not as I’d prefer them to be. I think Momma K and Vi are both fascinating characters. The one thing I did find hard to swallow was Elene’s pacifism. I felt that Count Drake made a better representation of that viewpoint. I guess I needed to see the moment when she decided that violence was always wrong. Otherwise I’m led to believe she’s a pretty dim bulb.

The best thing about this series…you don’t have to wait for book 3. It’s already been published.

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