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Scandalous Brides
Scandalous Brides by Annette Blair
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This is a great deal. I love Annette Blair’s Rogues Club. I read Unforgettable Rogue as single book before buying this set. It’s worth the $.99 for this book alone. The scene where Hawk breaks the bed is one I’ve remembered since I first read it. Alex’s seduction of her husband is just fun to read.

A Lady by Chance by Cheryl Bolen is another good read if you’re willing to dispense with it being a realistic historical. The romance moves from two people who hate each other to happily ever after. And isn’t that what most of us want from a romance? Bolen does it with interesting characters, which is requisite for this type of story where you know how it will end just not how they’ll get there.

Salt Bride by Lucinda Brant has a complex plot with a villainess wrecking havoc on the lives of hero and heroine. Marriage comes early in this book, but begins with two hearts wounded by past wrongs. While love still hovers under the pain, the two must learn to trust again before it can come to full bloom. The villainess in this book is truly despicable and twisted. She uses anything and anyone to make events work to her advantage causing confusion and strife for all involved. Very good book.

The last title, Scandalous Virtue, is another terrific read. The story of Jack’s change from rake to respectable husband is fairly standard. The true spice of this novel comes from the heroine’s introduction to the more scandalous ways of the ton. Coming from a family and first marriage of extreme propriety, she decides to grab freedom and flirt with scandal. As Jack becomes more sensible, Nessa heads the other direction and takes the story into some interesting twists.

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