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FrankenDom by Robin L. Rotham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you love that cover? Mmmhmmm. Me, too. I wasn’t at Samhain to buy a book, but that cover caught my eye. After a glance at the description, I was sold. Now I have a new fictional Dom to adore.

This book kept me up reading last night. I just had to finish it. I really enjoyed the characters and BDSM aspects were luscious. Portions are still playing in my head, and that makes it worth keeping for me. I liked that there was variety in the BDSM scenes and that there were so many Doms. How many can one girl have? They kept coming out of the woodwork. With so many Doms available to set things up, Rachel the submissive of the story just can’t seem to escape the mind fucks.

I didn’t have a problem with suspending my belief on the transplanting procedure. It would be cool if they found a way for severed nerves to reconnect, and the means in this book was plausible to me. The medical story didn’t get in the way of the BDSM submissive training story or the romances in the book. I liked the way things settled out in the end, and I would really like a second book dealing with the brother’s life especially if he has to take on Rachel’s sister. Yowza!

I came away very satisfied from the read, but totally unsatisfied that I have yet to experience a violet wand and tingly tongue play. You’ll love the tingly tongue play in Frankendom.

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