There’s Nothing Like a Good Editor

If you’ve read any of the novel excerpts I’ve posted in the past, you’ll understand why there’s nothing like a good editor. I’ve been working with the delightful Lea Ann Schafer. She’s taught me a great deal about writing a good romance novel (not to mention certain grammar and punctuation foibles I didn’t know I made.)

After one major revision and a second revision to get down to the word level, as she puts it, I have Shane ready to submit for publication. Yes, this makes me nervous, but I feel better knowing I”ve had a pro editing the book.

The image to the left is a cover I had made when I thought I’d be self-publishing. Since then, I’ve realized that the work involved would be overwhelming. It’s too perfect a likeness of Shane not to share it again. Who knows what the future cover will look like, or if the name of the novel will remain Shane. It is a far better novel than when I began writing it. Thank you, Lea.

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