Shane: Marshal of Tallav Coming May 31, 2016

Exciting news! Loose Id purchased Shane: Marshal of Tallav. I’ve been working with Kierstin Cherry, a senior editor at Loose Id, to make the book the best read possible. It’s daunting to get your manuscript back with markup all over it pointing out anything that doesn’t make sense to the editor. But it’s also a relief to know that my book has the focused attention of multiple editors. Nitpickers shouldn’t find much to criticize unless they don’t like the characters or the story. Questions like why did he do that shouldn’t come up because they’ve been asked already by professional nitpickers. (I mean that in the nicest way possible. Who wants to have nits running through the pages of their book? Out, damn’d nit! out, I say!

The publication date for Shane: Marshal of Tallav is May 31, 2016.

As soon as it becomes available, I’ll be posting the cover and a link where you can pre-order the book.


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