Kickass Heroines

A kick-ass heroine doesn’t necessarily have to physically take someone on. In fact, you can’t really take numbers and deal out justice without the proper frame of mind. You have to be mentally kick-ass first.

I’m blessed to be able to associate with some of the truly kick-ass active duty women of the United States Air Force. They can take charge and make the guys hop, all while facing the same struggles that single women, wives, and mothers face every day. They deploy and miss their families. They miscarry a desperately wanted child. They face cancer. It’s my privilege to know these women.

I also have friends who served. A helicopter pilot for the Navy described her experiences in survival training. Not something I’d want to have to go through. She did and succeeded. Yet she wouldn’t describe herself as kick-ass. I disagree.

You or your organization can join or partner with the Women Veterans Rock! Advocacy Campaign. They work with all military women and girls in military families as they work to successfully build and sustain productive post-military /civilian lifestyles.

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