Shane: Marshal of Tallav Fantasy Cast – Adrianna

Shane: Marshal of Tallav - AdriannaVery Adrianna - Shane: Marshal of TallavThe heroine of Shane: Marshal of Tallav, Adrianna, is a green-eyed beauty with a lot of spunk. An empath, she knows exactly what you’re feeling, and she has Shane Tiernan pegged from the start. Rachel McAdams is the very picture of Adrianna. Here’s a taste of Adrianna, from the novel.

“Her eyes held his, a steady lush green that soothed the churning inside him. He still thought she should be punished, but pronouncing judgment was beyond him with those eyes on him. Fuck, what the hell is going on with me?

Adrianna’s soft smile plucked at him. “Rest now,” she said, laying her head back on his hand, letting her eyelids drift shut.

She was so beautiful. If he could trust any woman, it would be Adrianna. She was sweetness and light with a staggering punch. Such a contrast. A total submissive to him and a tenacious fighter. ”


“At the hotel, Shane ushered her into the lift. While they stood next to each other facing the doors, Shane moved his head slightly to examine Adrianna. Pretty name. Despite the images he’d seen and the personal descriptor he’d read, she wasn’t as small as he’d imagined. At six foot seven, he dwarfed most women, but she came to right below his nose. Dark slacks snugly caressed her long, lithe legs, showing off fit calves and thighs that culminated in the perfect curvaceous swell of hips and ass. When she’d vaulted over the bar, her athleticism had been on full display. Athletic was good. It was possible to do so many things with an agile woman. A demure cream blouse with a drop yoke and a sweet bow at the keyhole neckline covered her upper torso. It, too, was close fitting enough to reveal the jut of rounded breasts. Her nipples didn’t show. What would it be like to pull the string on her shirt and delve inside to discover them? That brown braid snaking down her back would be perfect for winding round his hand to hold her in place while taking that enticing bubble butt. Physically she was everything he could hope for.

His cock hardened, trapped painfully against the tight fabric of his pants. Shane shifted his stance and attempted an unobtrusive effort to reposition himself at the same time Adrianna turned to glance at him. An appealing red tint flushed her neck and face. He wanted to reach over and nip her neck to see if he could make that blush deepen.”

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