Kink in Ink – The Key published October 18 on Goodreads

The Key - BDSM storyIt started with an image. One I can’t post since this post will be published on Facebook, Twitter, and other spots around the Internet. Here’s a bit to give you a hint of what you can look forward to:

Tyen has three rules: pain is not a good thing, any significant other in her life is her co-equal, and under no condition would she ever model for Kolya Kushnir. Until Kolya steals the key and starts a game that she must win or die.

“Kolya is an artist. A sculptor focused on what he terms brutal beauty. He’s tried but failed to convince Tyen to model for him, claiming he’ll make it worth her while with a naughty wiggle of his eyebrows. She’s refused, not willing to experience the pain that goes along with being the focus of his creative genius. Then he grabbed the key, promising to return it if she modeled for him, offering his sadistic little hide and seek game to increase his enjoyment of her eventual capitulation, a game designed to make it impossible for her to win.”

The term tender sadist fits Kolya. Yeah right! No such thing! No, really. But the darkness inside scares him, until his world is ripped by violence.

About 5200 words, “The Key” is a short story with a full measure of kink and, since I am the immerse-yourself-in-romance girl, a happily ever after ending.

Read the story in the BDSM group at Goodreads. You have to join the group to read the story until the Bring Out Your Kink – Kink in Ink 2016 event is over. You must be a member of the group to read the stories posted for the event. If you are not already a member, mention my name, Cailin Briste, and that you want to read my story to get your membership expedited. The group’s main page is here. The link to the discussion thread where you can read and comment on my story is here.

I’ll be publishing the story in December as a promotional story for my next novel, Maon: Marshal of Tallav, due to release December 6, 2016.

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