Maon: Marshal of Tallav Cover Release

Maon: Marshal of Tallav - Cailin BristeThe cover for Maon: Marshal of Tallav, Book 2 in the Sons of Tallav series, has arrived from Loose Id artist, April Martinez. It makes me want to get my hands on a sexy submissive marshal of my own.

Maon is scheduled to release on Dec. 6th, 2016.

When the book becomes available for preorder on the Loose Id website, you’ll find it by visiting my author page. I’ll be posting a link to the book page the day that happens.

On the release date, it will be available at the usual e-book outlets. Visit the Sons of Tallav page to find the buy links after the book releases.

Sign up for my newsletter to get information on preordering Maon at a discount directly to your inbox. I’ll send out an announcement with the links to Amazon etc. to buy the book on Maon‘s release date.

I’m excited to get this book into the hands of all my readers. Maon is one of my favorite characters in the Sons of Tallav series. I posted a brief tidbit from Maon to whet your appetite.

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