Planets in the Tallavan Sector – Sons of Tallav Series

Tallav is one of hundreds of federated planets that occupy a portion of the Milky Way galaxy where planets capable of sustaining human life are most likely to be found. Initially, colonies were established by independent groups on those planets closest to Earth. These early colonies depended on Earth until they achieved stable agricultural, industrial, economic, political, and social systems.

The Milky Way arch. Credit: Bruno Gilli/ ESO

The Milky Way arch. Credit: Bruno Gilli/ ESO

Mutual assistance pacts were common. As planetary independence was achieved, some planets cut ties with their neighbors. Disputes arose over who could colonize additional planets. The governing board of Kholatona sent out small teams to stake claim to multiple planets lying in proximity to each other. This aggressive move to found a Kholatonan empire was met with armed resistance, in what is known as the Two Hundred Year War.

The Federation was born with its concomitant navy. When the last holdouts had been forcibly integrated into the Federation, the war was finally over. From this point on, the Federation managed all future expansion in the galaxy. The Federation Navy is used to enforce Federation policy. It also provides protection from pirates.

New planets are offered for sale, price dependent on the viability and desirability of the planet. Membership in the Federation is a process as a new colony establishes itself and moves towards independence. Once a full member of the Federation, governance on-planet is autonomous from the Federation. The Federation does not interfere in intraplanetary conflicts. Anything that can be vaguely associated as interplanetary, it controls or monitors.

Tallav is located in a section of the Federation reached by traveling the length of the Sympallan Drift. Expansion beyond this cul-de-sac of planets is stymied by the lack of suitable planets. They are bumped against the edge of the Milky Way’s life zone. They are considered a Federation backwater.

Time and distance prevented a high level of interaction with the Federation after the region’s planets attained full membership. The establishment of the Tallavan Marshals Service was offered to decrease the Federation’s need to provide Federation law enforcement in the region. Rapid expansion in other areas of the Federation had outstripped the Federation’s ability to supply manpower, so they were happy to accept this alternative. The Marshal’s Service became an independent arm of the Federation Security Police funded by taxation on the region’s planets.

Planets in the Tallavan Sector

  • Tallav: The home planet of Shane, Maon, and Randolph. The matriarchs of the first families rule the planet. Learn the background of the planets settlement and the founding of the marshals of Tallav.
  • Beta Tau: A pleasure planet and home of the Whip Hand, a BDSM club owned by Randolph Meryon. Shane and Maon are regular visitors.
  • Preatiens: Adrianna’s home planet. Females on this planet are born with strong empathic senses.
  • Furzine: The planet governed by a criminal syndicate headed by the Benefactor. Adrianna grew up here.
  • Gallarda: One of the few planets with the proper conditions for growing pyantha, used in making Bliss beads.
  • Correggia and Forplix: Two planets in the Tallavan sector that are at constant war with one another.
  • Runner’s Hub: Runner’s Hub is not a planet. It’s a space station that caters to smugglers and others bent on illegal activities.

Planets in the Bing Lon Sector

  • Qingdao: Selina visits this planet in the second book of the series.


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