Beta Tau – the pleasure planet of the Tallavan sector

Beta Tau, a hot desert planet, was planned from the first as a premier vacation paradise. People call it a pleasure planet because it offers decadence on a grand scale for anyone old enough and with sufficient credits to enjoy. Although its reputation is strongly rooted in the hedonistic delights it offers, Beta Tau also has domes dedicated to those vacationing with children, luxury shopping, arts and entertainment, sports, a water dome, and a garden dome. The botanical gardens are listed as a top Federation attraction.

Because it is a desert planet, domes were considered the best means of providing the climate a pleasure planet needed. Although all the domes are climate controlled, the largest domes are complete ecosystems that include rainfall.

The planet’s colonization rights were purchased by a corporation. It is structured and run as a business with a governing board, CEO, and such. All land is owned by the corporation. Land for private domes can be rented but not purchased. Crime in the tourist domes is virtually non-existent because it is ruthlessly dealt with. Most tourists are not aware of the degree to which their rights as Federation citizens are curtailed on Beta Tau. Crime is bad for business because violence can keep tourists away and non-violent crime is often in competition with the corporation. The unofficial motto of the Beta Tau Corporation is “Customers leave happy with few to none of the credits they had on arrival.”

A portion of the main dome includes the apartments that house the workers of Beta Tau. Within that district are businesses that serve the workers. The Tallavan Marshals Service office is located there.

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