An Author’s Thanks – Happy Thanksgiving

Thank YouIn one of my writer’s groups, we were challenged to answer this question: What skill that is related to your WRITING are you most grateful for?

My response was my world-building. For the Sons of Tallav series I wrote a glossary of sci-fi terms and, for the eight planets in the Tallavan sector and Runners Hub, a description (with images). I needed these to clarify my thoughts and to remember all the planet names. Not all of these planets appear in every book. But as the series expands, so do the planets that the characters visit.

I figured if I’ve written it for myself, I should share it with you, my readers, here on this website. The two documents are available to download on the Free page. But I’ve also broken the contents into individual blog posts.

Planets in the Tallavan Sector – Sons of Tallav series

Explanation of the Sci Fi Elements of the Sons of Tallav Books

But I’m thankful for so much more than my writing skills. I’m thankful for the amazing editors and authors who’ve helped me become a better writer and a published writer. Especially Lea Schafer who took me through an individualized writing course by way of developmental editing. She has a teacher’s heart. Without the help of these amazing women, my stories would never have made it to you, my readers.

And that’s what I’m most thankful for, the people who read my stories and enjoy them, who write reviews on Amazon and good reads so others can find my books, and who share my love of romance. You are a blessing no writer can live without.

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