Fashion Designer Selina Shirley in Maon: Marshal of Tallav

Selina Shirley, the heroine in Maon: Marshal of Tallav, is an undercover fashion designer for the House of Shirley. Her focus has been the on the corporate side of the family business until events in her life force her to take on the design duties her mother has always filled. Haute couture runs in her blood. Her first show in her mother Audrina’s name leaves the fashion world buzzing with the unexpected change in the looks coming out of the House of Shirley. In Maon: Marshal of Tallav, she’ll finally debut her own line, Selina.

What are the defining characteristics of the new Selina line of the House of Shirley? Selina’s clothes are always beautiful, lending the wearer an extra measure of grace. The flattering lines of each piece are the result of Selina’s thorough knowledge of the female form and how to show it off to best advantage. Her garments are designed to reveal the beauty of real women whether they are at work, at the beach, or out on a night on the town.

Sometimes bold, often whimsical, Selina’s designs are known for their distinctive use of color and pattern. Her palette is often vibrant, but she’s equally at home with muted hues and the softer tones of spring and summer pastels.

The images below are of current fashions similar to what Selina might design in the future. For more of the gorgeous type of clothes that make up the Selina line, visit the Pinterest Board: Selina – House of Shirley.

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