Matou & Me – Cover Reveal

Matou & MeIn April 2017 Matou & Me will be available as part of a boxed set along with stories from other members of the Romance Writers Behaving Badly blogging group. We’re all busy writing our submissions. I’ve also created the cover for my novella. Here kitty, kitty.

The story, an interracial romance, is set in the future when race is less important than the planet you were born on. In this case, the planet is not mentioned. It’s just one of many Federation planets that aren’t particularly unique, not like Tallav in the Sons of Tallav series. That is a very unusual planet. In Matou & Me the setting is urban. There are air cars and some other techie treats, but no hard science fiction.

That cats are involved is obvious from the cover, but these are naughty cats, the kind who scale tall buildings to make off with priceless treasures.

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