Pink Shoes in Maon: Marshal of Tallav

Pink Shoes

You never know when a pink shoe will save your life.Click To Tweet If you asked Selina Shirley, the heroine of Maon: Marshal of Tallav, she’d agree. Of course the heftier the shoe the better. But can pink shoes be both solid enough for fighting off a potential attacker and pretty to wear?¬†Absolutely! To prove it, I’ve put together a Pink Shoe Pinterest board. For a shoe to make it on the board, it must be pink. Okay, obvious. And it must be chunky, as this is important to Selina’s story. And it must slip off the foot easily. No undoing buckled straps to get it off.

Which of the shoes, labeled 1 – 10 on the Pinterest Board, do you think fits those parameters best. Are the stilettos not hefty? Could you get out of #6 or # 9 quickly? Which one do you like best? Selina didn’t know when she wore her pink pumps that her choice was a matter of life and death. She picked pink shoes to match her dress and for one other very important reason.

However, Selina didn’t fight off an attacker with a chunky pale pink shoe. Or a hot pink one for that matter. She did something else with that shoe, but you’ll have to read Maon: Marshal of Tallav to find out what.

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