Merry Christmas from the Sons of Tallav

Santa in SpaceShane: “People have spread throughout the galaxy, but in our sector of the Federation traditional Christmas is still celebrated. Maon, data dink that he is, found–”

Maon: “Data crunch. I’m a data crunch!”

Shane: ::::smirk:::: “–data crunch that he is, has found some ancient Earth history to share with us.”

Maon: “Hope you enjoy the first Christmas song in space and a bit of 1950’s Santa in space art.”

Selina: “Thanks for reading our stories.”

Adrianna: “Absolutely! From all of us to all of you:”

Shane, Adrianna, Maon, and Selina: “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Maon: “Shall I sing now?”

Selina: “No sweet man. We want to keep our readers.”

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