Cailin Briste’s 2018 Book Release Plans

What’s on Cailin Briste’s horizon for 2018.

A Thief in Love Series
The second book in the series which started with It Takes a Cat Burglar.

This will be Cade and Bassinae’s story and is slated for an April release. If I get it done sooner, it will be released sooner.

Sons of Tallav Series
Shane: Marshal of Tallav and Maon: Marshal of Tallav are reverting back to me from the publisher in mid-May. I’ll be re-releasing them with new covers.

Rand: Son of Tallav is nearly finished and will be released in July.

Once Upon a Rebel Fairy Tale Collection
I’m participating in a collection of stories based on fairy tales, urban fantasy and paranormal. More info on this to come in the future, but the anticipated release date is November 2018.

Other projects to fit in as time allows

Master Trey’s story in the Sons of Tallav Series. The prequel, Educated by the Master, was released this year in the Cosmic Cabaret anthology.

Brody, Pip, and Lil’s first paranormal dragon shifter novel. You can read “A Dragon’s Fury” a short story with these characters for free.

I’m excited for the year of writing before me.

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