The Pleasure of Favorite Things #MFRWauthor

When I hear the words my favorite things, I can hear Julie Andrews singing about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. A beautiful song, a gorgeous voice…sublime! And one of my favorite things. The lyrics send my focus inward, seeking the other bits and pieces of life that dissipate the sting of the bee.

The warm stroke of my husband’s palm along the curve of my waist and down my hip. The luxuriant taste of premium chocolate as it hits my tongue and begins to melt. The little-boy giggles when my grandsons practice their dance moves.

It dawns on me. My favorite things all touch me in some way. Not just physically. Although when touch brings pleasure, adding the experience to the list is obvious. My favorite things touch something at my core that elicits a response of pleasure.

That’s the goal of the stories I tell. To bring my readers pleasure in the hopes that my book might be added to their list of favorite things.

I invite you to read one of my novels, Shane: Marshal of Tallav or Maon: Marshal of Tallav. If you want to start with a quick read, I’ve written a BDSM short story available free to all who sign up for my newsletter.

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