Hand a Child a Snack or Teach Him to Forage and He Will Feed Himself #MFRWauthor

Children should be taught the fine art of foraging. Many mothers make the mistake of managing their children’s diet. One simple step will keep hungry youngsters from raiding the cookie jar rather than eating a bowl of some gosh awful whole-grain cereal when their mother ignores cries that they’re starving. Do not buy cookies. Buy only healthy food. Yes, the tasty bits will be devoured first. I’m thinking cheese sticks, but when they run out, the remaining food will be eaten. Even shredded whole grain biscuits get eaten eventually. When a child would approach me while I was deep in the throes of writing to inform me that emaciation was starting to set in from his lack of food intake, I could always say find something.

Lest you form an image in your mind that my children resembled refugees, never fear. They are all happy, healthy adults now. My time spent writing when they were little (or not so little teens) was limited, but when I couldn’t pull myself away from a project, the ability to forage kept my kids fed if not truly satisfied.

While satisfaction was never guaranteed with my kids snack selections, it is for the books in my Sons of Tallav series. The series is stocked with yummy alpha males and strong passionate women, and heavily ladled with hot sexy loving. Delish.

I invite you to read one of my novels, Shane: Marshal of Tallav or Maon: Marshal of Tallav and immerse yourself in romance.

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