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When 56 romance authors get together to show readers their love, big things happen. Big like the chance to enter and win $1100 in Amazon Gift Cards!

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I want to write more books, including the next book in the Sons of Tallav series: Rand: Son of Tallav. If you’ve read the other books in the series, you already know he’s a sadist. His happily ever after is my current work-in-progress, and it’s a doozy. But what else would you expect from the owner of the Whip Hand, premiere BDSM club on the pleasure planet Beta Tau.

Participating Authors:

A K Michaels | AJ Norris | Aliyah Burke | Amy L Gale | Andie M. Long | Anne Stone | Annie Anderson | Bethany Lopez | Cailin Briste | Casey Clipper | Christa Simpson | Christine Kingsley | Debbie White | Deborah Nam-Krane | Erin Cawood | Eva Winters | Genevieve Jordayne | Hadley Raydeen | Hazel Keys | Heather C. Myers | Jamie Collins | Jeanne St. James | Jennifer Rose McMahon | K.L Shandwick | Kelly Collins | Kelli McCracken | Kellie McAllen | Lena Bourne |Linda Tillis | Lisa Swallow | Liz Durano | Liz Gavin | Mary Hughes| McKenna Jeffries | Melissa Pearl | Michele Mannon | Michelle Lynn | Ruth Anne Scott | Sam Destiny | Sarah J. Stone | Scarlet Rose Bonnet | Scarlett Metal | Sheila Kell | Shelique Lize | Skye Jordan | Taige Crenshaw | Talina Perkins | Tee Smith | Tia Lewis | Tina Glasneck | Tracey Pedersen | Tracy Ellen | Victoria Pinder | Vivienne Hunt | Zane Morrow

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