Make Me Take It from You – Cailin’s Review

This little book is like a scattering of semi-precious stones mixed in with a handful of gravel. As you read, some of the pieces have the shine of a faceted amethyst or the spark of a fire opal. What appeals will depend on the reader. For me, the poetry at the beginning of the book was the best. The author is good at taking a moment in time and crystallizing the emotion, thoughts, and sensations of that instant. When he broadens his timeline he’s not as deft.

His subject matter is what you’d expect from a guy into making his own whips, enough brutality to make a masochist come undone. Yet, there’s a thread of need matching need running through it all.

I’d love to read more of his poetry. It tugs at you and forces you to consider kink from the perspective of the people inhabiting his words.

I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

Available at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

Heat Rating: Ack! I think I burnt myself

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