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You know that squealing sound that girls, some women, and even some men on TV are known to make when pictures of cute baby animals are shared? That’s not the passionate squee we’re exploring over the next couple of weeks. I and a bunch of my romance author friends are going to attempt to elicit a squee that is best described as passionate from you, our readers, each day until Valentine’s Day. Feb. 1-13.

What is a passionate squee? It’s the sound (If not audibly then definitely in your mind) you’d make if your celebrity heart-throb were pacing towards you with that “I-want-you” look in their eyes. Sqweeeeee!

How do we plan to make you squee with ardor? Pictures of nearly naked hunky men? No, because those kinds of photos don’t provoke women into over the top excited squealing. Yeah, other statements of appreciation but not the precise sound we’re trying to create. Something more is needed. An image is visual, and that’s often enough for men (although I’ve never heard a man squeal passionately in real life over a pic). But women want more. They want their other senses engaged.

Sure, but how do I smell, taste, or touch over the Internet? That’s where the writer’s craft comes into play. I’m going first tomorrow with an excerpt from my work in progress – Matou & Me. By leaving a comment, you’ll be entered to win one of three $10 Amazon gift cards. Each day a different author will post an excerpt from one of their stories that they believe will get that passionate squee out of you. Leave a comment for each author over the next couple of weeks, and you’ll get additional entries into the giveaway. By commenting on each author post, you can receive up to 13 total entries. Plus, each author will be responding to your comments. Bonus!

It all starts, Feb 1, 2017. Comments accepted for entry in the giveaway through 11:59 pm central on Feb. 13. Winners will be announced on this blog Feb. 14, 2017.

Note: Links go live each day at 12:15 am central on their scheduled date.


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