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He’s watched her from afar. Now he can touch her, but his restraint is slipping into a fierce need to plunder her. Cailin Briste’s entry in a Passionate Squee’s hot excerpt lead up to Valentine’s Day is taken from her work in progress, Matou & Me.

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A Passionate Squee Excerpt from Matou & Me by Cailin Briste – due to release in late Spring, 2017.

Gods, she was so lovely. Rather than take the stairs up to his living space, he passed them by, stopping before an incline arm machine. He moved her from his arms to the seat, helping her lie back before securing each wrist in the arm extensions. During the process the sash to her silk robe loosened, and the robe slipped open. He pulled it wider, his gaze roving over her as though despite his previous clinical examination he had never really seen her nude before. “You are so very beautiful, minou.”

Her tongue swept her lips, and his control broke. With an efficiency of effort, he stripped, took her feet in his palms and levered her legs up to her chest. He straddled the end of the bench seat, snugging his erection tight against her core. Bathed in the heat of both their bodies, he lowered his mouth to hers, renewing their kiss. The gentleness he’d first used with her was gone. The rampant need inside him to possess her, to claim this woman he had desired for over a year, was like a violent force driving him to wild abandon.

Her response was equally fierce. Did she need him as much as he needed her? Did she want him as much as he wanted her? It didn’t matter. She was his. Now. Forever. She had no choice because there was nothing more essential to him than keeping this passionate woman with him always.

He wanted to melt into her, but to do that he had to be inside her. His cock was like a throbbing steel rod and his balls were heavy. Grinding his erection along the soft wetness of her pussy had coated him in her juices. With a quick flick of his fingers, he positioned himself and surged into her. The moan that rose from deep inside him mingled with her accompanying sounds of appreciation.

“Oh gods, Matou. You feel so…”

But he was past words, too deeply surrendered to the thrust and pull, the intense pleasure of the emotional and physical bond they were forging. He’d planned to give her multiple orgasms before the first time he took her, but that was no longer a certainty or even a possibility if it depended on his restraint. The base of his spine tingled and his balls drew up. The orgasm hit him in strong pulsing waves. Buried deep inside her, he spurted streams of cum until he was spent, unable to move. It was then her release hit her, and her pussy clamped tightly on his semi-erect cock, squeezing out whatever fluid remained.

:::::fanning self::::: So? Passionate squee or not? For me, and admittedly I wrote this, but still… it makes me hot and bothered every time I read it. But I’m not a sqee-er. I’m not sure anything could cause me to make that sound. I’m looking forward to every single attempt over the next twelve days to get me to. Valentine’s Day I’ll let you know how I fared and I’ll reveal the winners of the giveaway.

While you’re waiting for Matou & Me, add Shane: Marshal of Tallav and Maon: Marshal of Tallav to your Goodreads To Be Read List.

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  • I didn’t realize till I saw your last reply that you write from the male point of view. I’m reading more and more online instead of real books in my hand. I like the idea of your process of writing. I am going to try and explore all 13 books that have been teased in this contest. They are all good.

    • I write from both the male and female point of view. But for the sex scenes I prefer the male point of view. I still do some from the female point of view for balance, but it’s never as easy.

  • That made me really hot and bothered. I never thought about using gym equipment that way–great idea! I like the male perspective, too. Nice!

    • They were already in the gym, and I thought why not. An incline bench would work great. Of course this was a private gym. LOL

    • It gets me every time I read it. Of course it’s still fresh, and I haven’t had to do edits yet.

  • It’s a good sex scene and very passionate. Like you, I don’t tend to squee, so it didn’t make me squee… still, a better sex scene than I’ve read lately!

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