Dr. K, the Man in My Life #MFRWauthor

No, not Dr. K. Similar, but not as good looking. 😛

Dr. K and I met when I was sixteen-years-old. He earned money during the summer running a jack hammer on highway construction. He was built. He was tan. And he was very fine. Romance blossomed. That was several decades ago. In the intervening years we’ve raised a family, come close to splitting up, and suffered through long military deployments.

We’re stronger than ever because we hold nothing back. He knows my darkest secrets. I know his. He covers my weaknesses, and I cover his. My life, my world, almost my entire history is tightly bound to him. It’s a bondage I hope never to be free of.

That’s the kind of bond I envision for each of my characters. A happily ever after is essential to my romance novels. I have my own happily ever after, a marriage to my best friend for 37 years. I want that for everyone, but I can make it happen only with my characters.

  • Shane & Adrianna – Shane: Marshal of Tallav
  • Maon & Selina – Maon: Marshal of Tallav
  • Rand & ??? – Rand: Son of Tallav is a work in progress.
  • Tyen & Kolya – “The Key” – free when you sign up for my newsletter
  • Matou & Maurelle – Matou & Me – a novella planned to release in late Spring
  • Derek, Siever, & Jane – “Merry Christmas, Santa” – short story

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