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Devilishly handsome vampire? Check. Thinks your the best looking woman on the planet? Check. Can kiss like nobody’s business? Check. Christa Paige has all the elements to which she applies her writerly skills and…Passionate Squee! You’ll want more of Bound by Obsession once you’ve read the excerpt she shares.

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A Pasionate Squee Excerpt from Bound By Obsession by Christa Paige

“You about ready?” Tray walked into the room, devilishly handsome in a pair of charcoal gray slacks and a loose cambric shirt with a high pointed collar. The garment looked almost Middle-Eastern, with elaborate designs stitched into the material. An ebony piping gave off into a long string tied in a loose knot. It closed the top of his shirt, but offered a glimpse of the tan muscled contour of his chest, and the curves of his well-defined midline. He looked good in red. Oh yes, very good. Sexy. It made the waves of his golden hair gleam in contrast. He was so handsome it made her back teeth ache.

The heels of his loafers hit the wooden floor with each advancing step. One of his hands tucked negligently into his pocket, while the other curled into a fist. “Damn, you look delectable. It’s going to be hell keeping my hands off you at dinner.”

She smiled, glowing with the compliment. “Anna has nice things.” The expensive designer gown clung to her curves highlighting her femininity. The plunge neckline of the gown brought her breasts together and, thanks to the expensive, lacy, black bra, her cleavage surprised even her. She’d finished off the outfit with sinfully delicious stockings, secured at the top of her thighs by little garter straps. And the heels were simply to die for.

“Our reservation is in thirty minutes.” He scrutinized her, eyes narrowed and filled with sparking heat. A flash of his fang tips excited her, tempting her to drag his mouth to her throat so he could take what he wanted. “I hope you don’t mind outdoor seating. I want you all to myself. Inside can be too crowded.”

California had such mild weather it hardly mattered if they ate indoors or on a park bench. She could envision the small, round tables, peppered along the walkway outside the Grande Lux Café. The upscale restaurant offered beautiful intimate seating on their patio.

“Anywhere is fine,” she assured him.

“I’ve ordered Gunnar to ready my limo. He’ll be at our disposal.”

Bethany took one last look at her reflection in the mirror and pushed her hair back over her shoulder. She licked her lips, making sure her lipstick was applied evenly. “Take me to dinner, Tray.” Holding out her hand to him, he caught it in his strong, capable grasp and tugged her close. He slung an arm across the small of her back, supportive and firm. The scent of him invaded her nose and went straight to her head, drugging almost. He smelled amazing. A mixture of his natural scent and a few strains of an expensive citrus cologne ignited a simmering burn deep within. She stared at him in the mirror. God, he was stunning. Gorgeous. Women would drool over him. Frustration punched down the budding arousal. “Am I going to be fending off the women en masse?” Oh damn, did she just mutter that aloud?

“I won’t even notice them.” His fingers cupped her hip, secure and insistent.

 I will. Yeah, that was a petulant thought.

“I feel the same about anyone who looks at you. I’ll want to rip their throats out.” His fangs lengthened and a deadly cast shadowed his features. “I’ll try not to murder any humans tonight.”

She’d never get used to him reading her thoughts. But his words elicited a smile. No one had panted or salivated after her since, well, since never, really. “You won’t have to worry about that.”

With a jolt, Tray pulled her in front of him. Her back hit the hard contours of his chest, and the muscles in his biceps rounded as his arm curved around her shoulders. Strong fingers captured her chin and tilted it up, urging her to glance across the space at the gilt-framed mirror, again. “Look at yourself, Bethany. See how beautiful you are.”

In his embrace, she appeared tiny and vulnerable. His beauty was stunning.  She scowled.

“See what I see,” he whispered against her ear. “These cheeks, tinted with the flush of your beginning arousal, makes me insane for you. Hell, it’s taking every ounce of restraint I have not to indulge the wicked thoughts dancing in your imagination. I’d throw you on the bed right now if I could ignore the scent of your hunger. I must take care of you, first. But, when I see those lips, so ready for my kiss, it’s like a fist to my gut resisting. Your deep, soulful eyes hold as many secrets as the varied golden flecks complementing them. I want to discover each and every one.” He skated a finger across her collarbone and over the straps of her gown. “Such graceful shoulders. You carry the weight of the world on them and it prods me to massage them, if only to take some of the burden from you.” His hands shaped her waist, traveling down her sides while tracing the delicate ridges of her ribs. “Your body blows my mind, sweeting. And these legs…” His words trailed off as his hand delved under the hem of her dress and skimmed across the top of her thigh. Strong fingers walked along the lace of her stockings. “Every time I get a glimpse of them, all I can think of is how it feels when you wrap them around my back, pulling me into you.”

He set his hand on her breast, pressed down gently.

“Here, though, Bethany, is where you are the most beautiful. Your heart has touched me, like no other. I want to live, for you. Love you, until you love me back.”

She couldn’t stop herself from whirling around and tossing her arms about his neck.

Hauling him down to her mouth, she kissed him with wild abandon. He met her there, taking over and slipping his tongue within. It was forceful. Demanding. It made her dizzy as passion and need collided in her secret depths. She craved Tray with an intensity she could no longer ignore. Finally, breathing hard and overcome with emotion, she pulled away and fought for composure. Once her pulse slowed enough to speak, she met his adoring gaze. “Thank you, Traian. For making me feel like I’m not lacking, that I’m not less than, because of my humanity.”

He said nothing in reply, but his arms embraced her and held her to him with a rough, soul-wrenching power. Never let me go. She couldn’t say those words out loud. Anguish squeezed her throat in an invisible vise.

“I will never let you go. Not now. Not in the future.” He pressed his lips to her temple, a gentle fleeting touch. “You’re the only one I want. The only one I will ever want.”

Bethany wrapped her arms around him and held him to her as tightly as she could manage. There was no doubt in his words. He meant it wholeheartedly. And, his confidence, his total adoration, made her feel beautiful in ways she’d never experienced before.

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Strict professor by day. Romance author by night. Lover of all things alpha-male twenty-four hours a day. Christa Paige is a multi-published author in many genres. Her passion for love stories spans all tropes. She writes sensual, romantic tales and sweet love stories. In her free time, Christa, likes knitting and has a yarn stash that keeps growing. (Especially if it is bamboo.) She has a love/hate relationship with running but can’t turn down a themed 5k race. Her beagle babies are her running partners. She never tires of watching a Star Wars marathon or rereading Lord of the Rings. There’s a special place in her heart for the Regency Romance. Mr. Darcy is her favorite Regency hero, especially when he is wearing Hessians and a cravat. Christa’s paranormal series  is published by Liquid Silver Publishing. These stories can be found at all your favorite retailers.  Also, Christa has a contemporary series based on the brave men and women in the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Christa co-writes with Vivien Jackson and their sexy Harlequin novella, Sophie’s Rogues, can be found at all online booksellers.

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  • I liked this. I’ve not really been into vampire books lately, ,but this was a nice hint and I’ll have to give it a try.

  • Now that Vampire Diaries is ending (so sad!), I will be looking for my next vampire sagas. Looking forward to looking into more of your books. I love all things vampires and paranormal.

    • Hi Rox731,
      I am the hugest Delena fan. And Stelena. And well, Elijah. (No, I don’t pair him with anyone ’cause he’s mine–in my fantasies at least.)
      For me, vampires have that animalistic quality that is so engrossing, so seductive. I wanted to capture that in my vampire world, too. I adore the snarcasm, in TVD. I think a little -okay a lot–is in my series. But, there’s also that passion and adoration of the main couple. I do love it when Stefan or Damon is on the prowl, trying to find Elena and lay the smack down on whoever has her. Those scenes are just my romance crack, for sure.
      Thank you for reading my excerpt and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  • I’m not usually into the fangs/not exactly human thing, but this was lovely. Very romantic and passionate. The descriptions of them both were so detailed–I loved it.

    • Hi Karaleigh2.
      Thank you for reading my excerpt and leaving a comment. I am super picky about my vampires and who they end up with, too. I always wondered what it would be like to be dragged into a shadowy world where the female vampires were stunning and beautiful and the males were gorgeous and strong. But, then, as a human, all those flaws from age, to wrinkles, exhaustion and stress, would really stand out when the woman compares herself to the rivals who’d do just about anything to be mated to one of the powerful and wealthy aristocrats. I know I’d feel less than, for sure. But, Tray just adores Bethany and doesn’t care about that humanity.
      I told Cailin I wasn’t sure which excerpt to share. I’d readied 2, one that was scorching hot–a shower scene- and this one. I really wanted to show how deeply in love Tray is with his woman and so this is the one I chose to share. I’m glad I did.
      Have a fabulous week.

      • And you really get that tension from Bethany and that he doesn’t give a fig. I’m glad you went with this scene, too. It’s what we all want in a man, but like Bethany have a hard time believing.

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