My Precious #MFRWauthor

When my characters aren’t using their siren call to get me to write their stories, I spend my free time making and collecting jewelry. I’m especially enamored of vintage sixties and seventies pieces made from a kind of Lucite called moonglow. My bead room (Yes, I have my own bead room.) overflows with vintage beads and findings that I use to create my own pieces. I don’t just have one ring I call my precious, but an entire dragon’s horde of jewelry and beads.

With my own designs, I strive to make things that are pretty but with an edge. I like to juxtapose an industrial look with blingy, girlie beads. Stainless steel with gemstones or Swarovski crystal. I paired a strand of pink opals with beads that reminded me of the coiled wire of a doorstop and added a bit of sparkle with some tiny silver night Swarovski bicones.

The images below are sample of pieces I’ve collected and designed myself.

Moonglow Bangles

Vintage moonglow bracelets and necklaces

Close up of moonglow bracelets and necklaces. Not the best pictures to see the true beauty of moonglow pieces.

Vintage carved celluloid bracelets

Guilloche brooch close up. Guilloche is made by a special turning engine that makes the pattern that is then enameled over. The patterns look like those found on paper money.

My own design with pink Peruvian opals, coiled wire beads, crystal and seed beads.

Three necklaces I’ve made. 1) Picasso jasper with vintage brass corrugated beads. I love the patina on these brass beads. 2) Turquoise Hubei rondelles with copper beads and findings and a Clay River Tang Horse pendant. 3) Vintage glass pearl and brass chains, Pendant hand wired from brass filigree and vintage brass rhinestone ball beads.



  • Your designs are very pretty! I also like the carved celluloid bracelets, although I might be afraid to wear them for fear of chipping them. 🙁

    • Thanks. I’ve never chipped one. They’re not like glass or porcelain in that way. But I did crack one in half when it got caught between my body and a doorway. I slammed into it. Made me sad, but it could be fixed and worn.

  • I also make jewelry. Not quite into vintage but been thinking about it. I had to take a couple of years off as my wrists and thumbs were screaming at me. I got to a point were I wasn’t selling on Etsy so I just starting wearing my own work. LOL Your vintage is really very awesome. I used to frequent thrift stores looking for pieces to help repair other pieces I had at home. I have all my grandmother’s jewelry and my mothers (both are deceased).

    • I never had the time to make thrift shop work for me. I get most of my vintage jewelry, beads, and findings on eBay. With vintage, you really have to look the images over well and read the descriptions. If you’re concerned about something, ask a question. Then if what comes isn’t what was represented, you can send it back and get your money back. When I buy vintage jewelry to wear, I look for stuff that doesn’t have wear or tear, or may not have the original chain on the ends. If it’s not completely original it should be cheaper. Since I intend to wear it and not worry about value, this makes sense for me. Often I get gorgeous pieces for less than department store stuff.

    • I have a strand of wood opalite beads on my desk asking me why I haven’t used them yet. I need to find my steel and hammers and bang on some wire first. I have a plan, just no time to implement it.

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