Become a Member of Cailin Briste’s Street Team

My street team is my core group of fans and readers, the people I go to for advice on covers, to get early reviews posted for my books, and to spread the word about my new releases. I invite you to become a member of this exclusive group.

As a Cailin Briste Street Team member you’ll be the first to hear about any events, giveaways, or fun I’m creating. You’ll have the opportunity for input on cover design on my Indie published books and will be my go to group for asking what you think about my latest crazy idea.

Once a week, I’ll update you on the latest blog posts. Never miss what the Fashion Maven of the Future has to say or the incredible bondage photos I discover or the guest bloggers who stop by or the reviews I post or…you get it, lots of good stuff. Oh, and corsets. I’ve got this need to discuss corsets that I have to get to some time soon.

You can expect 2-3 emails a week. I’d say once a week, but I know myself. I’ll forget something, or the day after an email, I’ll have a terrific idea that I have to share. So, 2-3 a week, and maybe more when a new release is coming out.

Along the way, I’ll be asking you to help out by sharing, tweeting, posting, and so on. Of course, it’s totally voluntary how you choose to help. If you choose to join my team, every little thing you do to help me write and promote my books will bless the socks off me.

To join, subscribe to the Cailin Briste Street Team. Yes. It’s that simple. Thanks.

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