Sci-fi Romance Lovers at Postwaves

I’ve started a Sci-fi Romance group at Postwaves. (What is Postwaves?)

I’ve populated it with a few posts, but any member can add posts. I will be asking the Postwaves people to add several websites as auto post. The point of the group is to spread the love of sci-fi romance.

Description: For those who read, write, publish, and love science fiction romance. Let’s go beyond the promotional blitz to what moves us to read and write this genre of romance fiction. Our community helps filter through each submission before it reaches our group’s feed, ensuring focus on only relevant and high quality posts.

What can you do?

  1. Join Postwaves and join the group.
    Once you have a Postwaves account, select the My Groups button to see the search box for groups. Search for Sci-fi Romance and click on it when it appears. You’ll receive an email when you have posts to vote on and when there are new posts to read. That’s how I interact with my Postwaves groups, and I have several.
  2. Spread the word about the group.
    Select the Social Media button of your choice below this post and share, tweet, or pin.
  3. When you blog something interesting about sci-fi romance, post it to the group.
    Look for the Add a Post button at the top of the Postwaves page.

Let’s get more people reading sci-fi romance!

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