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Forward looking fashionistas,

The Fashion Maven of the Future has been busy, busy, busy. So many runway shows to attend and describe, but I was sidetracked. The here and now is so important, but the past, my dears, the past is a treasure trove of design inspiration.

I have a secret that you darlings are the first to read. The Fashion Maven loves jewelry. All kinds. Costume extravagance to pieces dripping in diamonds. Well, it’s not that big a secret.

The Accessories & Odd Bits – Selina House of Shirley Pinterest board is now stocked with carved jewelry pieces of all kinds. I found the wonderful shell cameo diadem, created circa 1820-30, that you see at the top of this post and hopped down the rabbit hole to discover more.

Can you blame me. You’ll find bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and several complete parures. These carved beauties are made from Lucite, celluloid, gemstones, cinnabar, shell, ivory, and coral. All are antique or vintage pieces, so the ivory and coral is not problematic, but it is pricey. If your pocketbook is not amply blessed at the moment, Lucite and celluloid pieces are more reasonable. Avoid Bakelite. If not properly stored and cared for it can degrade, and you will lose your investment. Of course if you fall in love with it, you’ll make the effort.

But buyer beware. I own celluloid bracelets that have been mistaken for ivory. I just smile and say nothing. But if I were to sell my treasures, it would be fraud to allow a buyer to think they were purchasing ivory. The strip of multiple images of a carved coral bracelet marked Japan is most likely celluloid not coral. A true carved coral bracelet would not be ink stamped with the word Japan. It doesn’t look like this bracelet is being sold as coral. It was just misidentified by a lover of beautiful things. Still it pays to be wary when indulging in vintage shopping. Even plastics are faked, especially Bakelite.

So go visit Accessories & Odd Bits – Selina House of Shirley to see all the exquisite pieces I’ve shared just for you.

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