A Plethora of Cs – Fashion Maven A to Z

What to do! What to do! Today is letter C, and I cannot decide who to choose. So many possibilities. So many influences on the future of fashion and Selina Shirley. Should I choose Coco Chanel with her iconic suit and the little black dress?


But what of Pierre Cardin and his space age imagination?

And one simply mustn’t forget Oleg Cassini and the look he created for Jackie Kennedy.

Fashion is of course for all people, not just the elite. Career women rejoiced when Liz Claiborne produced colorful separates that could be mixed and matched. Quelle merveille! As a career woman, I know the advantages of a wardrobe that can be worn multiple ways. The Fashion Maven can cost save.

How can I choose? Ah bien. It seems I have chosen them all.

For those who do not know who the Fashion Maven speaks of when she mentions the revered name of Selina Shirley. She is the latest bright star at the House of Shirley established long ago, far in the future on the Federation planet, Tallav. Her love story has been published in Maon: Marshal of Tallav.

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