Femininity Reawakened – Fashion Maven A to Z

Oh my dears. You can only imagine the boxiness of women’s clothing when fabric is rationed. But when World War II ended, Christian Dior threw open the doors to a reawakening of femininity. Curves were everything. Fashion may take a hiatus from curves for a time, but women were never meant to be stick pin thin. A shapely silhouette is something to be admired.


Ten years later, Dior is still challenging the world of fashion with his exquisite understanding of a woman’s shape.

For those who do not know who the Fashion Maven speaks of when she mentions the revered name of Selina Shirley. She is the latest bright star at the House of Shirley established long ago, far in the future on the Federation planet, Tallav. Her love story has been published in Maon: Marshal of Tallav.

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