I’ve been sucked into the world of haute couture

It’s the first Wednesday of April, and that means it’s time for an  Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. Follow the link to find more IW’s posts.

The question for this month is an easy one for me to answer.

Have you taken advantage of the annual A to Z Challenge in terms of marketing, networking, publicity for your book? What were the results?

I haven’t participated in the A to Z Challenge before, but I am this year. And yes, as the question suggests it can be used to assist in marketing your books. Frankly, I’m in it to have fun.

I’ve assumed my Fashion Maven persona for the course of the challenge and am blogging about the great fashion designers A to Z. As I responded to one commenter, I didn’t know I enjoyed fashion this much until I started the Fashion Maven of the Future column. Actually, it all began with a  Pinterest board about influences on Selina Shirley, fashion designer in Maon: Marshal of Tallav.

Oh, look there’s a book tie in. But it’s gone beyond that. I had to split Selina’s fashion boards into multiple topics, because Pinterest keeps sending me fashion pins and I’m on a fashon mag’s newsletter list…I’ve been sucked into the world of haute couture and I’m having a blast.


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