The Humble Sleeve Deserves a New Look – Fashion Maven

You were perhaps worried that I, your Fashion Maven of the Future, would neglect my Wednesday column with all I’m doing for the A to Z Challenge. Never fear. Fashion is my heart, my soul, and sharing with you all I know of the inspirations that lead to that greatest of fashion geniuses, Selina Shirley, is my gift to you dear readers.

This week I was overcome by one aspect found on most dresses, shirts, and jackets. Though not all.

The sleeve. Cannot we not hope that more will be done with the humble sleeve. That today’s designers will take note of the beauty and refinement that once was the province of the lowly sleeve. See what I mean in the images I’ve chosen to share with you.

One Comment

  • I especially like the sleeve on the top right with it’s layers of scallops, although the purple/lavender in the third row on the right attracts narrow shouldered me.

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