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Your fashion maven is a tiny bit tired. I’m putting my feet up and eating a chocolate as soon as I post this set of darling images of L’Enfant fashionista. These petits délices are all the better for the attitudes they manifest. The somber little things you see in so many children’s fashion adverts, dressed and posed to resemble small adults, cannot compare to little girls and boys whose inner child and outer child match.

Les enfants chéri

A girl always knows when she’s looking her best.

Rockin’ her Pearls in Repose.

Little Bridezilla.

I’m precious.

Party girl.

I’m gonna be a rock star someday.


Gonna get us some candy.

I can keep the hat!

Laid back crazy fun.

Posed but still perfect.

Cute with giggles.

He said strike a pose!

And shoes to match.

I’m so pretty with when will this be over.

Okay, you can take my picture.

Little socialite.

I’m not really happy.

Wait just a minute.

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