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Your fashion maven has been waiting for the letter W, and not because she was eager to share about Vera Wang, Jason Wu, or even Vivienne Westwood. No, she had another W in mind. As the father of haute couture, this designer was the first in so many ways. He was the first to use live models and the first to include a sewn in label with the name of his house on his garments.

Charles Frederick Worth’s clients came to him at his salon, except for the Empress Eugenie, whose prestige required he come to her. Prior to Worth designers went to all their clients and made garments to the specifications of the women who would wear the dresses. Worth set himself up as the man who knew what women should wear. When you came to his salon, you saw finished pieces which could then be tailored to fit the individual purchaser.

He also freed women from the crinoline that had become up to six-feet in circumference. Think Gone with Wind and the dresses of the southern belles. He did so by pushing much of it the back, which allowed greater freedom of movement. No more problems fitting through doorways. The bustle was born. A step in the right direction one supposes.

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For those who do not know who the Fashion Maven speaks of when she mentions the revered name of Selina Shirley. She is the latest bright star at the House of Shirley established long ago, far in the future on the Federation planet, Tallav. Her love story has been published in Maon: Marshal of Tallav.

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