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This letter Y designer does things differently. He is the definition of avante garde: experimental, radical, and unorthodox. Whether it’s his 1999 wedding collection or his collaboration with Adidas, he infuses his designs with his unique beliefs about clothing.

Yohji Yamamoto in his own words:

“Clothing doesn’t lie, it shows everything.”

“I want to achieve anti-fashion through fashion. That’s why I’m always heading in my own direction, in parallel to fashion.”

“In order to create an image almost similar to that of a pencil case standing up and walking, I try to eliminate all excess by cutting. I have the feeling that this process (of “cutting off”) is linked in some way to “elegance”. Elegance and so-called “eliminating excess”, or the beauty that remains after excess has been eliminated…”

“My role in all of this is very simple. I make clothing like armor. My clothing protects you from unwelcome eyes.”

“I hate fashion. Or the word fashion, which sounds colorful, extravagant, expensive and gorgeous. “I never wanted to walk the main street of fashion. I have been walking the sidewalks of fashion from the beginning, so I’m a bit dark.”

Yohji Yamamoto’s Transformative Wedding Collection


“Adidas is a very personal inspiration to me. It has enriched my creative life. It’s an exchange between different cultures, different ideas, and most of all, it is teamwork.”

“Ten years ago, together with Adidas we created something that did not exist before and completely projected the future. My desire was and is to make sportswear elegant and chic. Adidas is a very personal inspiration to me … it enriches my creative life.”

For those who do not know who the Fashion Maven speaks of when she mentions the revered name of Selina Shirley. She is the latest bright star at the House of Shirley established long ago, far in the future on the Federation planet, Tallav. Her love story has been published in Maon: Marshal of Tallav.

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