Can a Cat Burglar Resist a Cat Goddess?

He’s a thief, a cat burglar, training her to become his partner not his lover. Failure to resist his fierce attraction to her could destroy his sister’s happiness.

Sebastian should have known he was in big trouble when from the first he compares Darcelle to the ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet.

“Myth says the statues of the Ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, were made in the likeness of Abyssinian cats. Bastet was a protector.”

His tongue traced the curve of her ear. “That’s what you will be, a protector of the people’s right to their own heritage. And you’ll be mine, minou.”

Depicted with the body of a woman and the head of a lioness, a desert sand-cat, or a domesticated cat, Bastet was a protector of women, hearth,  and home. She began as a warrior goddess, one of the goddesses known as the Eye of Ra, but over time she became associated with the more docile figure of a cat sometimes with a litter of kittens.

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal the celebrity who could be Darcelle.

It Takes a Cat Burglar: A Thief in Love Romance by Cailin Briste
Publisher: Hot Sauce Publishing
Genre: Sci-fi Romantic Suspense
Novella, 121 pages
Heating rating: Dark chocolate decadence

When Darcelle Lebeau throws off the invisible chains that keep her bound to her family, she discovers a new vocation. Tempted to enter the illegal playground of a man she nicknames Matou, she becomes a cat burglar in training. Deeply ensnared with each task he entices her to fulfill, she fails to discover his identity and true intentions.

Sebastian St. Croix, a wealthy businessman, has a dark side. He’s a thief, a cat burglar who steals art and historical objects. For one year, he trains Darcelle to become his assistant, remaining incognito, observing her from afar. His admiration grows along with his desire for her with every phase-one challenge she completes. Phase two will test the limits of his control. Hands-on personal training? Yes. Sex? No. With his sister’s happiness at stake, nothing, not even the tempting Darcelle Lebeau, can interfere with accomplishing the biggest break-in of his career.

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