A Kiss from Sebastian St. Croix – National Kissing Day Book Fair

“He leaned in and brushed his mouth across hers. Those artfully sculpted lips were touching her. She accepted the caress, her body both rigid and boneless at the same time.

He pulled away, and the loss was painful. She needed more.

“We need to leave, minou. You’ll be hearing from me.” When she didn’t move, he stepped beside her, placed his palm firmly on her bottom, and scooted her forward. “À la prochaine.””

Oh no he did not! Her first kiss from Sebastian St. Croix and he leaves her hanging. Evil man! You’ll have to read It Takes a Cat Burglar to discover his skills in bed are worth the build up.

In honor of National Kissing Day today June 23rd and International Kissing Day July 6th I’m participating in the National Kissing Day Book Fair. Of course there are terrific prizes to win, but you’ll also be introduced to some fabulous authors with the opportunity to check out and buy one of their books.

If you haven’t purchased It Takes a Cat Burglar, now is a great time to do so or add it to your Goodreads To Be Read list. KU readers can read it for free.

National Kissing Day Book Fair Prizes
Kindle Fire with case & bundle package
$50 Amazon Gift Card
$25 Amazon Gift Card

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