New 5 Star Reviews – Maon: Marshal of Tallav & Shane: Marshal of Tallav

Uncaged Book Reviews has posted new 5 Star reviews for both Shane: Marshal of Tallav and Maon: Marshal of Tallav. Yay!

“Considering I don’t normally read erotica due to the flimsy plots and sex scenes which have no real purpose other than to titillate the reader, these books are totally different. They have a great plot and the scenes are woven into the plot showing who the men and women are. They may be titillating but are part of the characters. Cailin Briste, the author, transports you to a different world with different values while you get wrapped up in the cases the marshals are working and their love lives.

I give these books five stars for great writing, good editing and stories you want to read again to make sure you didn’t miss some subtle clue along the way to solving the case each marshal is involved in during their pursuit of their women.”

From the review of Maon: Marshal of Tallav

“In a nutshell, the book is about Maon’s pursuit of Selina, but it’s how he gets her which is the fun.”

“This book was exciting to read with great characters on planets which were believable. The investigation/mystery made it a page turner.”

From the review of Shane: Marshal of Tallav

“This book was a page turner also, as the various scenes pulled you along a plot line which had multiple twists and turns.”

Read the complete reviews in the latest issue of Uncaged Book Reviews on pages 34-35.

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