A Book Hook Taste of My Favorite Sadist’s Story – Rand: Son of Tallav

I’ve been hard at work on Rand: Son of Tallav and couldn’t resist giving a little taste to all of my readers patiently waiting for his story. He’s my favorite sadist, although Kolya in “The Key” runs a pretty close second.

Here’s the excerpt:

Randolph threaded his fingers into her hair and pulled her head back, noting the tears inching down her cheek. “This is our last session before I return you to your master. The pain you’ve experienced was not a punishment. You’ve learned your lesson and learned it well.” He brushed his finger through the damp trail on her cheek. “This was for me. Your tears are your gift to me. I’m a sadist, Eva. I enjoy hurting you. But I haven’t taken you over the edge of what you could stand. If your master sends you again, I will take you over the edge and break you. Do you understand?”

“Unnnhhh.” The sound flew from her lips.

Randolph jostled her head. “Say you understand.”

“I understand, Sir.”


    • This is the first time readers meet Randolph in this book. If they’ve read the first two of the series, they’ve seen him in his relationships with Shane and Maon as a friend. This is him as owner and infamous sadist at The Whip Hand. I wanted readers to see his intensity, to use your word, before life comes calling and forces him to change.

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