Cosmic Cabaret – Featuring: Selene Grace Silver

Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space

Come aboard Blue Star line’s crown jewel, the LS Quantum, a luxury starship traveling through space and time. You’ll meet princes and star sultans, solve a murder, track a thief, plan the ultimate jewel heist, and encounter futuristic rock stars on the lam, cirque stars who want the quiet life, and dancers who want fame.

Join thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, and award-winning speculative fiction romance authors as they twist their own tales on the decks and in the dance halls of LS Quantum. Embark on a journey to fall in love at the Cosmic Cabaret.

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Razer’s Edge In Cosmic Cabaret
By Selene Grace Silver

Razer plans to pull off the plunder of a lifetime. The single heist—a treasury of jewels and untraceable credits kept in the Cosmic Cabaret’s safe—will fund his family’s anti-slave work for a long time. Erotic dancer Ayanna has rebuilt her career dancing on LS Quantum. A popular act, she draws crowds, earning an enviable salary which pays for her dying father’s medical care. When a bold thief uses her identity bracelet to steal from her boss, jeopardizing her career and income, she’ll pursue and make him pay.

About Selene:

Want to escape? Selene Grace Silver writes contemporary, paranormal and science fiction romances that follow extraordinary characters on the path to love.

Her science fiction series StarDaemon (releasing titles Winter 2016/Spring 2017) explores the love lives of a group of hybrid humanoids rebelling against institutional slavery during an intergalactic political collapse. Her paranormal series Witches and Warlocks of Los Angeles shadows modern day sorcerers who must master their powers to shift dimensional reality and find their soul mates, in order to defeat a centuries-old enemy. Finally, her contemporary romances follow lovers traipsing across the geographical and geological boundaries of the Western Hemisphere, from the sunny coasts of Southern California to the rainy Highlands of Scotland, to the frozen plains of the Upper Midwest to the cobblestone streets of Europe. No matter where Selene’s characters go, their journeys end in love.

Selene has an MA in creative writing and is a member of the Romance Writers of America. She believes in two true things: love and the power of stories. Everything else is up for debate.

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