Cosmic Cabaret – Featuring: Jayne Fury

Cosmic Cabaret: Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space

Come aboard Blue Star line’s crown jewel, the LS Quantum, a luxury starship traveling through space and time. You’ll meet princes and star sultans, solve a murder, track a thief, plan the ultimate jewel heist, and encounter futuristic rock stars on the lam, cirque stars who want the quiet life, and dancers who want fame.

Join thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, and award-winning speculative fiction romance authors as they twist their own tales on the decks and in the dance halls of LS Quantum. Embark on a journey to fall in love at the Cosmic Cabaret.

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Stars Shining Bright Above In Cosmic Cabaret
By Jayne Fury

Astra Faraday ran from a life of piracy to the relative safety of Le Mouche Cabaret on the LS Quantum. Dr. Zane Jones, the ship’s medical examiner, has also signed on to the ship to escape a former life—one that was killing him. When the murder of Astra’s mentor on the Quantum throws their separate orderly worlds into chaos, Zane and Astra must unknot a mess of mystery while protecting the vast galactic network of the Freedom Road.

About Jayne:

In addition to Baby, It’s Cold in Space, Jayne Fury publishes the space opera serial Freedom Bound––Buck Rogers with a bit of boudoir. Jayne’s most recent release is the novella Fox Trap, a speculative urban fantasy story, the first in her Guardians of Ghael series.

Who is Jayne Fury? Draw back the curtain and reveal this slightly quirky author with a passion for ironing and ukuleles. But not together. That could get messy. She was born and raised in New England, now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, cats, chickens and Star Trek garden gnomes in her lawn-free urban homestead.


Find more about her on her website at and check out her books on AMAZON. Follow her on social media:

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