Seasonal Shenanigans – Everything a Girl Could Want for Christmas…

Fourteen Christmas and Winter holiday book boyfriends to spend a little time with over the holidays, all in one convenient anthology. And a BDSM story to boot. But it’s not mine. Yeah, I know. You’re wondering why. I went sweet for this anthology. Sweet as in the love story will make your heart go pitty pat. The sex? That will get other parts of you lighting up. Like an upside down Christmas tree. If you know what I mean. A triangle with the base at the top. Three points. Two at the top. One at the bottom. Okay, I’m not spelling it out any further. Either you’re on my wave length or you’re not.

Without further ado, I give you Liv Honeywell’s Christmas is Coming soon to be released in Seasonal Shenanigans.

It’s almost Christmas, and Abby decides to decorate the tree, despite Will, her Dom, telling her to wait. But when she drops his toolbox and all the parts scatter like confetti, she’s left wondering if she’ll be able to sit down by *next* Christmas.

What will happen when Will gets home?


“Quite helpless now, aren’t you?” Will sounded pleased with his handiwork.

“Yes, Sir.” Abby felt the familiar warmth in her stomach spread down between her legs at his dominance. She could feel the heat emanating from his body as he moved closer. Then he lifted her dress up over her bottom and took hold of her leggings. He pulled them slowly down her thighs, along with her panties, taking his time.

She shivered as her bottom was bared to Will’s gaze. It didn’t matter how many times he did that, it always made her feel exposed and vulnerable.

Will’s warm palm rubbed her bottom lightly and then he moved his hand away.

She tensed, waiting for the first swat to land.

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