How to Steal the Pharaoh’s Jewels by Cailin Briste #CoverReveal

I loved the cover for It Takes a Cat Burglar. How to Steal the Pharaoh’s Jewels’s cover needed to be just as sexy. Goal achieved. Click the link below to see it. Then let me know what you think in the comments.

How to Steal the Pharaoh’s Jewels
By Cailin Briste
Publisher: Hot Sauce Publishing
Genre: Sci-f Suspense Romance

Release Date: April 23, 2018

Cade’s life has settled into a comfortable routine until the day he’s pinned in a crushed car. In a moment of clarity, before everything goes dark, he realizes he’s in love with his best friend, a woman who has sworn off intimate relationships for life.

It’s taken Bassinae years to overcome a past filled with physical abuse and embrace the truth that she is a powerful, capable woman in her own right. Tamping down a case of nerves, she’s ready to take on a larger role in Sebastian St. Croix’s next caper. If only Cade would stop acting like a lovelorn idiot. She needs her best friend’s support to help steal the Pharaoh’s jewels.

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